Best AdSense Alternatives for 2021

Are you searching for AdSense alternatives to get more money though your blog? Almost all of the most successful publishers use AdSense, or at least start out with it and then migrate to Ad Exchange. However, what happens when you can’t use an ad network to monetize your traffic?

Possibly your website was not approved by AdSense, or you are busy trying to appeal so that your account is not blocked due to invalid click activity, perhaps you need to increase your ad inventory to increase your income.

Whatever the reason, there is a solution. AdSense may be the market leader, however there are many competitors and alternatives to AdSense that can offer good eCPMs and supplement ad revenue.

Here we are providing the best AdSense alternatives according to ad network services. Some were used and recommended by our own ad optimization team.

Some are not exactly ad networks, but companies that mediate between Premium Ad Networks and the publisher, offering revenue growth strategies.

INFOLINKS ( – Best AdSense Alternatives

Infolinks is most of the bloggers using for Adsense alternative. And Infolinks service the best algorithm to use adsense on websites. The Infolinks algorithm delivers real-time user-oriented ads and runsĀ  millions of web pages around the world.


Grumft’s proposal is to be faster and more affordable than Google AdSense, but still offer good income. Approval takes 48 hours. They promise payment within 30 days and good service.

Grumft accepts content producers and content publishers of any size. But does not provide further details on the criteria on its website.

MEDIA.NET ( – Best AdSense Alternatives is generally known as one of the most profitable alternatives to replacing AdSense. This network is working with the popular search engines Bing & Yahoo. Using this create different types of ad units.


Monetizer is a technology platform that promises the highest pay-per-click on the market. They use machine learning, advanced segmentation, and mediation between advertisers and publishers. Send the right ad, based on audience data, to increase engagement and clicks.

On the website they do not clarify what the requirements are to be a member, but you can contact them. According to information on the Monetizer website, they have already generated more than $ 100 million in revenue for publishers and advertisers.

VIEWDEOS ( – Best AdSense Alternatives

Viewdeos, is popular on video advertisement. present days, video are are most impact on ad networks. This is the best platform to reach viewers to make awareness on your products. So, advertisers are interested on video advertisement. It is also possible to create a video inventory of your own content and further increase the interaction rate and page view of users.


The Moneytizer is a programmatic company that offers publishers ad optimization and access to premium ad networks. They offer headline deals and direct campaigns, bypassing an SSP, higher revenue, and other benefits.

The company establishes personalized alliances for each type of website. So, in order to reach an agreement you need to contact them. The company is from France, but promises to monetize inventory from various countries.


MonetizeMore is a company with more than 10 years in the market. We offer various solutions for publishers who want to increase their profits and gain access to premium ad networks, such as: ad operation team, header bidding, various networks and associated technologies, in addition to our own products.

We have Traffic Cop, to detect and block invalid traffic, and PubGuru, which is an ad trading platform, with unified reports from different ad networks. In addition to a premium and personalized service for various countries, we evaluate various website sizes on a daily basis.

We have a team ready to offer you a programmatic solution to increase revenue.


If there are any number of alternatives in the ad network, no one beat the AdSense. because it has a huge data and it provides the best algorithm for advertisers to gain their trust. And also given the best price for publishers also.

Either way, what works for one publisher may not necessarily work for another. AdSense might be the top-earning ad network, while another publisher gets better results from The fact is, you need to test ad networks, ad units and ad placements, implement Header Bidding, and much more.


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