Mobile Network Not Available: Simple Steps to Solve Error on Android

Mobile Network Not Available

In this article will provide you a way to this no network errors in your Android phone.  Moreover, you have faced small error such as mobile network not available or insert sim card.  But, still have you facing above problems, don’t worry we have solution for you. Continue reading full article to find out solution.

Android smart-phones are somewhat more popular in compare to other other smartphones.  There are lots of smartphone manufacturers who develop using big range of smartphones for example lower end to mid-range to high-end smartphones.

Having its own popularity, Android phones are also well-known for issues along with minor problems such as charging problem, mobile too much heating and the major one is network error.

You are not by yourself!  The problem is really common, and includes our way plenty of times, especially if we use double SIM card smartphones.

And as it limits making calls or using online data, call users believe it is very frustrating, to say the very least.  However, you should not fear in case mobile system is inaccessible in your own cell phone.  As an alternative, check these out sure shot solutions we’ve down the page, and also make your mobile functioning smooth as silk.

Network problems are extremely prevalent among all android errors. Frequently you notice your android phone has lost the connectivity also it’s not able to bring network signal.

It’s pretty frustrating and takes too much time to return to usual.  Within the following article, we’re going to inform you the way exactly to fix mobile network not available.

How to fix “Mobile Network not Available” Error?

Most of the techniques to resolve this issue are a piece of cake.  Generally, the causes of that it appears from simple failures at the configuration of their mobile phone along with their form of this sim card.  Although, we must to check to start with if the phone network is down or when we aren’t within the assortment of signal reception.

Below are the best methods to resolve of the issue with the mobile network on the device.

Steps to Solve “Mobile Network not Available” in Android Phone

Remove Battery & SIM Card

The mobile network or signal error can be set by re-inserting the SIM card correctly. Follow the below simple steps to fix it.

Step 1: Switch off your smartphone and remove battery and SIM card properly.

Step 2: Wait for some time (5 minutes) and then insert both SIM card and battery.

Step 3: Switch on the device. Now you network error issue will be solved.


If the error still exists after completion of above method, then change the some settings in android phone.

  • Navigate on Setting
  • Click on Wireless and Network Settings.
  • Click on Mobile Networks option.
  • Finally, knock on Network operators and select automatically.
Update the Phone

Smart-phone manufacturer and Google frequently release upgrade to resolve issues and bugs inside their gadget.  This upgrade will solve minor bug fixes and problems to conduct the apparatus with no issue.

Factory Data Reset
  • Click on Settings
  • Next, Select Backup and Reset option
  • Then, click on Factory Data Reset
Radio Signal test

Execute a radio signal test to know, if there is any issue with the hardware.

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • You will be prompt with a testing menu.
  • Select the Phone Information option.
  • Run ping test.
  • Restart the smartphone.
Turn-off mobile data and Turn on Again

In Cases like This, an easy system restart will mend your no longer working system.  Simply navigate to apparatus setting and then click onto it and then after turnoff your phone data connection and put it on.

Turn-off WiFi

If you should be using wi-fi link, then turn off wi-fi connection. Since you recognize, linking to a wifi network violates your cell data connection.  To hook up with some cell phone data, kindly turnoff wifi from the quick-setting panel.

Airplane Mode

As you are attempting to solve your mobile system glitch, make Sure to maintain off air plane manner as it’d turn away most of links, including your cellular network.  If this style is busy, an aero-plane icon could substitute for the signal bars.

Only navigate device Settings > Network and internet > air plane mode.  Even better, it is possible to disable Airplane mode only swipe the quick-settings panel, and then switch away air-plane mode.

Talk with your Network Provider

Before trying come to more technical fixes, then it is really a wonderful idea to speak to your network provider to resolve mobile network not available error.  They will help you and check whether if your SIM card works properly or not.  They are also told you if the network is down due to some technical problems.

Turn-off VPN

Your own VPN may delay cellular network connection when it’s linked to a host compatible with your own carrier, or any time the VPN program is buggy.  To work out this, kindly switch your VPN, and join with the mobile network again.  If it works, it is possible to try linking to a host or change your VPN.


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