Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping: How to Fix it

Samsung keyboard keeps stopping

Why my Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping?

Samsung keyboard keeps stopping: Which means you just take your own Android device out to send an instant message to your own friends you will be overdue to your lunch you’d intended using them and your computer keyboard bails on you personally.  However much you take to it doesn’t appear to be working out.  You adore your own Android for several of your hasty messages which you are able to send through it once you desire; now you find that the message “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped”.

Truly, you wish to repair the issue fast.  If you’re seeking methods to mend “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped “, then continue reading.

How do I fix my Samsung keyboard keeps stopping?

Restart the keyboard

Re-starting the computer keyboard can be quite powerful in solving the issue.  A range of subscribers found this to be more helpful.  While a few reported that the issue came others found the situation for always a onetime dilemma that was solved while the computer was resumed.

  • Navigate the Setting Options and click on it
  • Swipe the screen to the Apps section and click on Application Manager
  • Scroll down to go to the “ALL” Tab
  • Then, see the android keyboard on screen and click on it
  • Now click on the Force Stop

Restart the Gadget

Restart the Device

In the event the issue isn’t repaired then there could possibly be a mistake in the program that can be mended with the assistance of a re boot.  A gadget reboot may solve fundamental program issues and may mend simple glitches from your gadget.  Restart your apparatus and assess whether the keyboard works out.  Many subscribers have discovered this is a permanent option for the issue, however for those people that begin to see the situation returning, try out one different solution.

Clear Cache Data and Keyboard Data

Clearing the cache and data within a program lets you clean files which may be potentially corrupted or even creating issues as a result of bugs.  While deleting the cache files doesn’t delete some crucial information, you are going to definitely lose your own personal settings whenever you delete the info from almost any program.  In the event that you had made special modifications to the computer keyboard, you are going to shed those settings.  You might need to return in the computer keyboard settings and also make the changes yet more.

  • Proceed into the Settings menu
  • Next, click on Apps
  • Scroll down and click on “ALL” apps tab
  • Click on Keyboard option
  • The very next click on Clear cache option
  • Now click on clear data
  • Finally, click on OK option to confirm.
Clear cache and data for keyboard
Clear Cache and Data Files for Dictionary App

The dictionary program is closely related to the computer keyboard program.  When for any reason that you have the “unfortunately computer keyboard has stopped” mistake, there’s a possibility it may possibly be due to corrupt files from the dictionary program.  Deleting these records can be useful in solving the issue.

  • Tap on setting
  • Click on APPS
  • Next, tap on “ALL” tab
  • Swipe and find Dictionary app and tap it
  • Tap on Clear Cache
  • Click on Clear Data
  • Click on OK button to confirm
Update Google Keyboard

Among our readers stated that the situation can be solved by upgrading the Google computer keyboard.  If you’re employing another computer keyboard, upgrade it.  To upgrade the computer keyboard, start the Play Store, tap three flat lines and tap my programs & matches.  When there’s an upgrade for your own computer keyboard, tap up date.

Reset Keyboard Preferences

Particular apparatus such as Samsung devices utilize the Samsung computer keyboard.  You are going to be able to reset both the computer keyboard settings that might help in resolving the issue.  If You’re a Samsung Consumer, follow the following steps to reset these configurations:

  • Click on setting
  • Tap on System for Language and Input and tap it
  • Click on Samsung Keyboard
  • Tap on Reset Settings
Use a Third-Party Keyboard App

For people that are able to give up the computer screen app they have been using, pick a thirdparty program for your own default keyboard, and then use it as an alternative.  It won’t address the situation you’re receiving along with your computer keyboard however it is going to provide you the potential to make use of a computer keyboard.  Assess the Play Store to get a computer keyboard that’s acceptable for you personally.  As soon as you’ve installed on the computer keyboard, you’ll likely be asked if you like to buy to be put as default option.  Opt for the newly installed computer keyboard for a default option.

Update the Device Software

For those who have deferred an application software update for quite a while, you then have to install the software update.  The software update uses to fix the bugs and errors in the previous software.

  • Navigate to setting option in your device
  • Click on About Phone option
  • Tap on System update for your device
  • Then the device has to check for new updates, if update is available to install the update.
Update software
Install Updates for Google Keyboard

According to a few of our subscribers, you’ll be able to look at fixing this issue by installing upgrades to your Google computer keyboard.  For this, browse into the drama store in your own android phone and search for the upgrades.

Install Updates for Google Keyboard

Restart in Safe Mode

If the issue continues to persist then we must attempt cleaning measures which are relatively more technical.  Within this measure, by copying your own device in safe manner, we could ascertain if or not a problem has happened due to just one of many thirdparty programs.  This will signify your stock Android computer keyboard is the one which is going to be in the safemode.

  • Press and hold the Power button so the Ability menu may appear on the screen
  • Now press on the Power choice on the menu and then keep to press on it till you Find a Popup box asking you If You’d like to restart in Safe mode
  • Press on OK to confirm
Restart in Safe Mode
Reset to Factory Settings

In case your computer keyboard still will not perform then you have to look at resetting the device to factory settings.  In that way, you’re going to be in a position to create the unit’s applications straight back again to its initial condition as it was pulled from this box.  It’ll wipe all data from the device and you’ll even lose all third party programs you had installed onto these devices.  Ensure that you backup all of data so you do not lose essential data once you’ve flashed your device.

  • Proceed into the Settings menu for the apparatus
  • Click on Backup and Reset
  • Assess the box which Enables You to backup your Google Account
  • Press on Reset Factory Settings
  • Click on Reset Phone

Factory Data reset

Bottom Line:

The above all methods are used to solve the Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard keeps stopping error, and you will get rid of the error with ease.


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