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Technology Write for us: For those who love technology, chances are we will accept guest posts. Technology is developing very quickly in this world, and here we ready to publish the articles/ publications of innovative technology. is looking for new writers for us or guest authors who are passionate about writing tech-related and business-related articles/ invites bloggers to provide high-quality software products and technology content on our blog. You can also post your unique and newsworthy press release on

We are ready to publish your Guest Post articles, you can defer to your articles on our website. Guest post contribution with us, fascinated users can write tech, business, and marketing-related articles/publications for us. offers an opportunity to contribute tech writing for us, gadgets, tools, apps, marketing, business, and other tech-related content on our site. Guest writers /content writers are always welcome to share their content /articles on our site

Those who are interested in writing tech topics can write for us.

Technology Write For US, Categories:

We accept all types of articles related to technology, business, marketing, apps, gadgets, etc. who are all the rage in this inventive online world.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Machine learning technology.
  • Telecommunications, science and technology.
  • Smart home automation and security systems.
  • Gadgets (watches, laptops, etc.).
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (VR).
  • Blockchain.
  • Cloud Computing, DevOps and BigData
  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Cybersecurity technology.
  • Creation of websites.
  • 5th generation (5G)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, SEM).
  • Blogging, affiliation, influence.
  • Graphic design.
  • Holographic and oleophobic screens
  • Data analysis, Big Data, Business Intelligence.
  • Software programming
  • Business.
  • Mobiles (iOS, Android).

Here are however several categories that we have not specified there is a proportion is going on technology, here sprightly you can discuss your category while communicating with us for a Guest /Blog Post submission.

We provide a great opportunity to “Technology write for us”. You can share your complete and detailed information about technology, business, gadgets, digital marketing, social platforms, and other products and services.

Guest/Blog Writers Guidelines:

  • Write your article in MS Word or Google Doc.
  • The suggested word count for the article should be between 600 and over 1000 words. The article must be written in English only.
  • Please review or analyze your content twice and check spelling and grammar before sending it for publication.
  • Create a featured image connected with the 980px X 560px content and attach it to that post.
  • Content must be unique and has not been published somewhere else.
  • After you publish your article/post on our website. You cannot post it on any other blog site or your website. If we have seen the same article on other sites, we will quickly remove it.
  • Do not submit any casino, gaming club, and poker-related articles as directed by Google unless we reject them same time.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Article/Post once published on our site will not be removed.
  • We will remove your published guest blog posts anytime if you receive/Betray us.
  • We will take some time to read your article/guest post if it matches all our guidelines and strategies’ then we post/publish it on our site.
  • If the link found broken at any point in time, then we’ll unlink it asap. You’ve to make a new request to add the link yet again.
  • We possessed all rights to alter the terms and conditions at any period.

If you agree with our guidelines & terms then send the article by mail in the word file or google doc at (mention mail id).

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